Suvoi Caters

What is Suvoi Catering

It’s pretty straightforward: if you are hosting or organizing an event, meeting, function, office party, team lunch, or team event; or, if you have a bunch of friends and family spending some time at your place, you will want to accommodate and exceed your guests’ preferences and expectations while staying within your budget, right?... Suvoi Caters is about peace of mind. You want to make sure that you offer the most delicious and easy to serve food; you want to be certain about the origin of what you are eating, you want to know that’s is ethically produced and sourced; you want to rest assured that all the ingredients are cooked in way that allows them to preserve all their nutriments and original flavors.

What you Get

Fully cooked Sous Vide Meals

All proteins and vegetables are fully Sous Vide cooked. All you need is heat before serving!

Premium Ingredients​

All ingredients are certified organic. Meats are ethically produced and sourced.

On-Site Chef

Chef and serving staff are available upon request. Please ask us for rates and availability.

Finishing Instructions

All Suvoi products, comes with Finishing Instructions, also, you can find tips and heating recommendations in the Finish your Meals section.

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