Suvoi It's all about Sous-Vide

At Suvoi we use Sous-Vide and top quality ingredients to help you enjoy meals that can be prepped and finished-to-perfection in 20 minutes or less. All Suvoi products are ethically sourced and produced, and we will deliver the right to your door.

What's Sous-Vide?

Sous-vide is a technique that allows food to be consistently cooked at the optimal temperature to retain flavor and nutrients. It’s like having a sous-chef in your kitchen, prepping all the ingredients and handling the cooking so you can finish the meal when you’re ready.

It's about Pleasure

Authentic and incredible taste. A taste that comes from within food as a result of the blend of ethical production process and an innovative cooking technique that respects and preserves the nutriments.

It's about Transparency

We allow you to learn all the information about the products they are buying. It is about getting a full picture of what we are eating, both from a nutritional as well as a sustainable standpoint.​

It's about Convenience

Enjoy incredible meals regardless of your cooking skills. You will receive step-by-step Recipe Cards. Please let us know how does it feels to be a Michelin-starred Chef!

It's about Love

Is all about what we love and what you will love. Love having time with the family. Love having the most amazing flavors, right to your door. Love cooking, love creating, love changing the world, bite by bite.

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